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Smart Digital Humidity Controller -
Plug-n-Play - WiFi - Range 1-99% RH

Starting at: $54.95

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This smart, WiFi-enabled, plug-and-play humidistat requires no hardwiring and is perfect for regulating and automating the relative humidity in your mushroom growroom or greenhouse. Simply hook your humidifier to it and set it to whatever relative humidity you want it to turn the unit on and off at. For example, you can have it turn on your humidifier at 85% RH then have it turn off your humidifier at 95%, the unit will then turn your humidifier back on again once the RH drops back down to 85%. Besides complete automation, another key advantage of using a humidistat is that it allows you to control the humidity differential. This means that this unit will allow for the evaporation of humidity before kicking your humidifier back on again. This is extremely important because evaporation is an important pinning trigger. The unit's WiFi capability allows the user to monitor relative humidity from anywhere with an Internet connection. This is a plug-and-play unit, meaning that all you need to do is plug your humidifier into it and it will work. NO HARDWIRING REQUIRED.

Instruction manual included.


Willy M.
5 of 5 Stars
This RH controller is absolutely amazing! I use one of these for each of my 9 Martha tents and in almost a year of use, not one has ever failed. They are super easy just plug and play, no splicing of wires or looping relays, just plug in your humidifier and set your RH percentage. Don't get any easier than that! ... Willy Myco
Joshua D.
5 of 5 Stars
This controller along with any good ultrasonic humidifier has your grow room Rh fully automated with your choice of high and low parameters and is a must to set aside all of your hassling with finding a proper time cycle to turn on and off your humidifier, get them while there still in stock guys.