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Posted March 24

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Mushroom Cultivation Kits

lyle s.
wow shipping was fast , 2 and a half days from fl to mi. and that is from the date of placing the order and not to mention i ordered it really late friday night and it was at my door early monday morning. everything looks great and cant wait to try this kit. i was really really happy that i asked to have the package put in a specific area at my home and thats where it was from the shipping company when i got home, and in big bold lettering on the package itself instructions where to leave it. thats a huge plus that someone will take the time to actually write on the package specific instructions like shroomsupply did for me. im a repeat customer for now on . ...

Mushroom Cultivation Kits

Willy M.
This kit is absolutely genius! it's so simple yet works so amazing! If you haven't seen my video of this kit and its results, I suggest going and checking it out if your on the fence about picking one up. Small investment with huge potential... Trust me. Thanks again to shroomsupply for keeping us stocked up with quality supplies and top notch customer service!

Do good, Be good, Live good Namaste! Willy Myco...

Digital Humidity Controller - Plug-n-Play - Range 1%-99% RH

Willy M.
This RH controller is absolutely amazing! I use one of these for each of my 9 Martha tents and in almost a year of use, not one has ever failed. They are super easy just plug and play, no splicing of wires or looping relays, just plug in your humidifier and set your RH percentage. Don't get any easier than that! ... Willy Myco...

Pre-Pasteurized Mushroom Compost

Sean L.
Professional product from a professional company! Thank you!

Dehydrated Horse Manure

Phillip K.
Ordered 5 gal. Was sent out fast and arrived double bagged in a box well sealed to insure safe delivery. I broke it down into smaller storage bags and its great quality. No big chunks to break up. Doesn't smell if that's what's preventing you from trying this in your substrate. I will post another comment after I'm ready to use this and colonized. But I'm sure it will be the best I've ever used. Thank you Shroom Supply...

Digital Humidity Controller - Plug-n-Play - Range 1%-99% RH

Joshua D.
This controller along with any good ultrasonic humidifier has your grow room Rh fully automated with your choice of high and low parameters and is a must to set aside all of your hassling with finding a proper time cycle to turn on and off your humidifier, get them while there still in stock guys....