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Posted March 24

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Injectable Spawn Jar Lid - PP5
Regular Mouth - 70 mm

Cole M.
These are fantastic! They are fully worth the extra cost for being contamination free. By the way, you really only need a single injection port, you can move the needle around and get a few drops in a circle or just do a single drop, the spread is fast enough! Only question I have is, do I have to cover the tops in foil while they are in the pressure cooker or not? Thank you guys for making mycology a lot easier for the layman....

Large Mushroom Grow Bag
[0.5 micron filter]

Joshua D.
These bags are amazing, they're perfect for both bulk amounts of spawn and even using them to colonize and fruit sawdust blocks. In my personal experience sealing them before sterilizing them causes the bags to swell up inside the pressure cooker so I recommend using scotch tape to securely tape down the bags regardless of weather or not your using some tyvek filter....

Mushroom Cultivation Kits

Christopher S.
Just wanted to say this kit contains zoo manure and that is the best manure for growing plants as well as fungi. The grain is on point and the shipping. Is fast (3 days to southern NE). I never got a kit or grainbag that wasn't fresh and made properly. I have had the best succes with these kits. I will only be odering the B and B+ or larger from now on....

Organic Rye Berries

Tony C.
Talk about getting the best quality rye berries at an affordable price. Very clean with hardly any debris, the water runs clear just after a few rinses. And I love that are available in 25 pound bags....

Mushroom Cultivation Kits

Brandon D.
The nicest people you would ever want to do business with.!

Mushroom Cultivation Kits

Silvestre T.
Hi I ordered the mushroom grow kit size a came with everything that it said it would I am happy also shipping time was fast ! Thank you will buy more stuff off your website:)...