MycoMix™ Substrate Instructions Using MycoBags

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Once your inoculated grain spawn has reached 100% mycelial colonization, it is now time to spawn it to a bulk substrate, like our Myco Mix™. If you don't know how we got to this step, please read the previous tutorial.
Once the bag is completely colonized with mycelium (you should not be able to see any uncolonized grain), break the grain up with your hands through the outside of the bag. Make sure the grain gets broken up completely and thoroughly.
Measure 53 fluid oz. (6.6 cups; 1567 mL) of clean water (store-bought spring water is recommended). Add the water to a heat-safe pot and place atop a stovetop burner. Adjust heat to HIGH.
While waiting for the water to reach a boil, open the bag of Myco Mix™ and pour it into a two (2) gallon bucket. We recommend this specific size because it minimizes the amount of void space inside the bucket, allowing the substrate to retain more heat.

Bring water to a rolling boil for one (1) minute.

Carefully remove the pot of boiling water from the stovetop and pour into the bucket containing the MycoMix™. When pouring the water into the bucket, aim for the chunk of brown coco coir, as it is the most critical ingredient to hydrate.
After pouring the boiling water into the bucket, you should notice immediate expansion of the coir like seen in the picture above. IMMEDIATELY seal the bucket with the bucket lid. The contents will be very hot and the steam may partially break the seal of the lid. If this happens, let the steam vent for a few seconds then reseal the lid. Let the sealed bucket sit for 45 minutes.
After the Myco Mix™ has sat in the sealed bucket for 45 minutes, put on a pair of plastic elbow gloves. Remove the lid from the bucket and place aside. Contents of bucket will be very hot. Quickly and thoroughly mix the contents of the bucket into a homogenous blend, making sure to breakup all chunks of coco coir and other ingredients. The most effective way to mix by hand is to repeatedly turn the contents from the bottom of the bucket to the top. Perform this step as quickly as possible then reseal the lid on the bucket.

Let the sealed bucket sit for four (4) hours.

You can proceed in one of two ways, you can introduce the Myco Mix™ to a homemade fruiting chamber (usually a modified plastic bin), or you can introduce the mixed substrate to mushroom grow bags. The vessel that you choose to grow your mushrooms in is really a matter of personal preference. Our preferred method of growing is with mushroom grow bags, as we find them easier to work with. The remainder of this tutorial will demonstrate the correct procedures for using these grow bags. It is best to do this step in a small, clean workspace with limited airflow. Each bag of our MycoMix™ makes enough substrate for spawning TWO (2) bags of our sterilized rye berries. With a clean, gloved hand transfer half of the Myco Mix™ in the bucket to a large 5.0 µm filter bag then set the bag aside. Transfer the remaining half of the Myco Mix™ in the bucket to another large 5.0 µm filter bag. The two bags you just made are for TWO separate bags of colonized rye. For simplicity's sake, the following instructions are for ONE bag of rye. You will need to be repeat the following steps for your second bag of colonized rye.

Cut off the bag of broken-up colonized grain (the bag that you previously broke up) directly below the filter-patch with a clean pair of scissors.

Dump the broken-up grain bag into one of the new bags of MycoMix™ substrate that you just made.
Seal the bag with the included mushroom bag clamp and tube approximately two inches from the top of the bag.
Mix the grain and substrate mixture by massaging the outside of the bag. It is very important to make sure that the mixture is mixed up thoroughly and that the grain is distributed evenly throughout the bag.

Put the bag in a dark place that will maintain a temperature between 75-81°F. Disturb the bag as little as possible during this time period and do not open it until colonization is complete. It will take approximately 5-10 days for the substrate to completely colonize with mycelium (you will be able to tell if it has completed colonization when the substrate has turned completely white). The bag should look like the picture above. Once you reach this point, it is now time to introduce the bag to fruiting conditions.

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