Monotub Fruiting Instructions

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Step 1: It is now time to introduce the monotub to fruiting conditions. At this stage, you will change out the red caps in your gas exchange hole with the included 1" monotub filters. Introduce the colonized monotub to a scheduled light cycle and keep the bag in an area that will maintain a temperature between 60 and 80°F (this depends on the species you are growing). We recommend using a full spectrum fluorescent spiral bulb. The more direct your light source is, the better your mushrooms will grow. The light can be left on for 24 hours a day, or you can put it on a 12/12 cycle, either will work fine.

Step 2: Once the monotub has been introduced to fruiting conditions, you need to mist the substrate once per day throughout the entire fruiting stage. Remove the lid from the monotub and lightly mist the substrate with a clean misting spray bottle that is capable of creating a fine mist. Approximately ten sprays is sufficient, you don't want to soak the colonized substrate or leave pools of standing water on top of it. If the substrate appears to be fairly moist, you can skip misting on some days.

Step 3: Immediately after misting, you need to fan the colonized substrate. The easiest way to fan the substrate is by removing the monotub's lid, folding it in half, then in half again. Repeatedly move the folded lid back and forth, in a steady motion, to create a fan-like effect. This will promote fresh air exchange and vent out any CO2 that has been produced. Fanning should be performed for approximately 30 seconds, twice per day. After fanning, put the lid back on the monotub. Remember to fan twice per day until the substrate is no longer producing mushrooms.

Step 4: After you have introduced your monotub to fruiting conditions and a scheduled light cycle, you will see primordia start to form in approximately 5-10 days. These are miniature pinheads that will eventually turn into mushrooms.

Step 5: The primordia in the previous picture will develop into pins within a couple of days. A couple of days later the veils of the mushrooms will start to open up. Once the majority of the mushroom caps have opened up, it's time to pick them! When you pick the mushrooms, grab them from the base and "root" them up with a clean, gloved hand. If pieces of mushroom fruitbodies are left on the substrate after harvesting, they can rot and become a vector for contamination.
Step 6: Once you pick all your mushrooms, the substrate should be free of all pieces of fruitbodies. It should look like the photo above. This is the perfect time to mist/fan and put the lid back on your monotub. Put the monotub back on its light schedule and wait for the next flush! Remember to continue to mist and fan the monotub daily. You should get 4-5 flushes before the substrate is spent (no longer productive) with about 7-10 days between harvests.
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