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Dehydrated Horse Manure

Starting at: $6.25

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Our horse manure is the best there is for mushroom cultivation. All of our manure originates from purebred show horses that are fed Grade-A organic diets. This manure is antibiotic-free. We only use manure that has been naturally leached by the rain and uniformly dehydrated by the sun. All of our equine manure is shredded for your convenience and to assure that you receive a greater volume of manure than you would from other online vendors. Shroom Supply offers the cheapest prices for horse manure of this quality on the Internet.

Sold in ½ gallon and 5 gallon increments.


Phillip K.
5 of 5 Stars
Ordered 5 gal. Was sent out fast and arrived double bagged in a box well sealed to insure safe delivery. I broke it down into smaller storage bags and its great quality. No big chunks to break up. Doesn't smell if that's what's preventing you from trying this in your substrate. I will post another comment after I'm ready to use this and colonized. But I'm sure it will be the best I've ever used. Thank you Shroom Supply
Steve L.
5 of 5 Stars
Super fast shipping and just what I need thank you . Peace and good fortune!
5 of 5 Stars
This stuff rocks!! I use it as an additive to a coir sub or just straight with some verm and I get great yields! Also Ryan was nice enough to help me get the moisture right by E-mail. Great product, great customer service!!
Blake Butcher
5 of 5 Stars
I must say that you guys have made a great first impression with me. The last batch of horse manure I ordered from somewhere else (I won't mention where) arrived at my door with a strong smell of ammonia and ROCKS in it. It was obviously NOT field-leeched like they claimed... nor was it even sifted for LARGE ROCKS. This stuff is exactly what it says it is... PREMIUM POOP. It doesn't smell at all and is of great quality and consistency... 100% dry. Thank you guys.
5 of 5 Stars
Excellent product. Giant MIND-BENDING flush off this stuff. Looking forward to my next order's arrival.
5 of 5 Stars
This product is the best quality horse manure I have personally been able to find. I've ordered from a couple of other places and this is the best. It already comes shredded so you don't have to worry about figuring out how to chop it up. Will be ordering again.