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Granular Gypsum

Horticultural grade granular (slow-release) gypsum. Gypsum is commonly used as an ingredient in mushroom substrates and casing mixtures. The primary role of gypsum is to act as a mineral supplement, as it's presence promotes mycelial growth by providing substrates with calcium and sulfur, both essential elements for good fruit body formation. It kind of acts as a mushroom "fertilizer" so to speak. Gypsum is also commonly used to hold the pH of a substrate stable by preventing drastic swings in pH. Sold in ½ gallon increments.


5 of 5 Stars
Great price. Going to last me a long time. very fast shipping.
5 of 5 Stars
one of the only things ingredient-wise that i cant find locally. i just order my gypsum from here. always fast shipping and a good price.