Inflatable Monotub Kit

Our inflatable monotub kit is the perfect mushroom growing chamber for the stealth mycologist. This kit includes everything needed for a monotub setup and is a complete, premade solution. Measuring 19" x 11" x 11", this 42 qt. inflatable mushroom greenhouse can be setup practically anywhere. Our inflatable mushroom growing chamber features a removable lid, clear plastic for easy viewing, built-in drain holes for easy draining & rehydration, and ten gas exchange holes.

This monotub also features a built-in liner that eliminates side pins; however, a plastic liner is also included and can be used at your option (it can be helpful for cleanup). Additionally, this kit includes (10) monotub plugs (colonization phase) and (10) monotub filters (fruiting phase) that are to be plugged into each of the monotub's ten gas exchange holes depending on which phase your grow is in. This inflatable monotub is reusable and can be easily deflated and stored away when not in use.

This 42 qt. monotub is the perfect size for five pounds of pre-pasteurized mushroom compost or eight 1/2 pint "PF Tek" style brown rice flour jars.

Kit Components
1 XInflatable Monotub (Tub Only)Inflatable Monotub (Tub Only)

Replacement inflatable tub for our monotub kit. This comes with the inflatable monotub and removable lid. It does not come with our monotub plugs, ... more info
1 XInflatable Monotub LinerInflatable Monotub Liner

Plastic monotub liner for our inflatable monotubs. These black monotub liners minimize "side-pinning" by effectively blocking light from coming in contact with the sides of your substrate. These liners also enable an effortless cleanup process after your mushroom grow has concluded.

... more info
10 XMonotub Filters for 1" HoleMonotub Filters for 1" Hole

These filters are used to fill one-inch gas exchange holes on a monotub during the fruiting phase of your substrate. These synthetic plug filters keep contaminants out of your monotub and simultaneously allow for ample gas exchange during the fruiting phase. Alternatively, during the...
... more info

10 XMonotub Plugs for 1" HoleMonotub Plugs for 1" Hole

These plugs are used to fill one-inch gas exchange holes on a monotub during the colonization phase of your substrate. After the colonization phase completes and it is time to initiate fruiting, these plugs should be changed out to our ... more info

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