Agar Culturing Kit - Advanced

Our advanced agar kit includes everything you could possibly need for sterilizing your own agar media and pouring your own plates.

Our advanced agar culturing kit includes:

Product does not contain any culture or tissue samples.

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Kit Components
1 XParafilm M Laboratory Film - 2" X 250' RollParafilm M Laboratory Film - 2" X 250' Roll

Parafilm M laboratory film on a 2" X 250' roll. Parafilm M is ideal for the scientific laboratory because it is a thermoplastic, self-sealing film. It holds moisture loss to a minimum. It offers excellent protection for the contents of tubes, flasks, and petri dishes. The unique properties of...
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1 X1000 mL Polycarbonate Plastic Erlenmeyer Flask1000 mL Polycarbonate Plastic Erlenmeyer Flask

This flat bottom, autoclavable Erlenmeyer flask is made of clear polycarbonate resin and is the preferred vessel for mixing and pouring agar plates with. Unlike our borosilicate glass flasks, these plastic flasks will not break or...
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1 XMalt Extract Agar (8 oz)Malt Extract Agar (8 oz)

Malt Extract Agar (MEA) is an excellent culture medium commonly used for cultivating mushroom spores and cultures. Premixed dehydrated agar formula. Sterilization required (15 PSI for 30-40 minutes). 25 grams of media are recommended per 500 ml of distilled water.

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1 XInoculation Loop with Replaceable WireInoculation Loop with Replaceable Wire

This lab-grade inoculation loop is perfect for amateur and professional mycologists alike! This item comes with 10 Nichrome wire replacements — lasts 10 times longer! The rod handle measures in at 8 1/2" and the Nichrome wire at 3"....
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1 XAlcohol Burner LampAlcohol Burner Lamp

Glass alcohol burner lamp for doing sterile lab work. Often used to flame sterilize needles and scalpels. 125 ml capacity. 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" glass bowl with a wick assembly that brings the whole to a height of 4-1/2". For use with denatured alcohol only.

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1 XGentamicin Sulfate Powder (0.25 gram)Gentamicin Sulfate Powder (0.25 gram)

Gentamicin Sulfate antibiotic powder (0.25 g). A very powerful gram-negative anti-bacterial that is widely used in agar formulations due to its unique ability to withstand autoclave temperatures. This product is 100% autoclavable...
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1 XSurgical Steel Scalpel with BladesSurgical Steel Scalpel with Blades

Surgical steel scalpel with five individually wrapped sterile blades. This is the preferred type of scalpel/blade combo for agar work due to the handle's thin design and long blades. Perfect for reaching down into culture tubes and sectoring cultures from agar dishes. ... more info
6 XDisposable Stackable Petri Dishes - 100mm x 15mm - Sterile - 10/PKDisposable Stackable Petri Dishes - 100mm x 15mm - Sterile - 10/PK

  • Sleeve of 10 sterile disposable petri dishes
  • Standard 100 mm x 15 mm size
  • Perfect for growing out mycelium and strain isolation work
  • All dishes are supplied with lids
  • Lids contain molded spacers for gas exchange
  • Dishes have stacking rings...
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