1000 mL Polycarbonate Plastic Erlenmeyer Flask

This flat bottom, autoclavable Erlenmeyer flask is made of clear polycarbonate resin and is the preferred vessel for mixing and pouring agar plates with. Unlike our borosilicate glass flasks, these plastic flasks will not break or shatter if dropped. They are fully autoclavable and able to withstand the heat from an autoclave or pressure cooker.

These conical flasks are nonpyrogenic and ideal for culture, storage, media preparation, molecular biology, and related applications. Flasks are pre-sterilized, inert, and feature a wide temperature tolerance and uniform thickness. The flask features raised graduations in 100 mL increments from the 300 mL mark to the 1000 mL mark.

These polycarbonate flasks are provided with a vented cap with a 0.22µm pore-size PTFE membrane for aerobic (sterile air exchange) applications. This unique vented cap makes it so you do not have to cut your own filter for the opening when preparing agar or making liquid culture.


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