Liquid Culture Kit

Our liquid culture kit includes everything you need for making your own liquid culture solution (except spores and a pressure cooker)! This kit is for making LIQUID mycelial solution for filling syringes with. This kit is capable of turning just 1cc of spore solution (1/10th of a standard spore syringe) into 20 separate liquid culture syringes! In actuality, this kit can make 70 syringes from just a 1cc of spore solution and a single sterilization cycle... the only thing limiting you is the number of syringes you have available to work with (this kit comes with 20). If you are interested in making more than 20 syringes, we recommend purchasing additional 12cc syringes and 16 gauge needles. Buying this kit will save you over $15 compared to purchasing the items individually!

Our liquid culture kit includes:

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