DIY Glovebox Kit - (Build Your Own!)

Shroom Supply's DIY Glovebox Kit comes with most everything you need to build a professional glovebox (also known as a still air box or SAB), except for the plastic bin, which you will need to provide yourself. We recommend using a 66 quart (or similarly sized) Sterlite brand bin which is readily available at most big-box or home improvement stores.

Our DIY Glovebox kit includes:

  • (2) 5-inch glove ports (extra wide size to accommodate larger arms)
  • (2) 5-inch glove clamps
  • (2) 18-inch long vinyl glove (if needed, scissors can be used to shorten the length of the gloves to accommodate smaller bins)
  • (8) stainless steel machine screws
  • (8) stainless steel wing nuts
  • (1) drill bit
  • (1) 5-1/8" (130 mm) hole saw (optional)
  • (1) Electric hot knife (optional)

In addition to these items, you will need to provide your own clear plastic bin, a powered drill, a black permanent marker, a Phillips-head screwdriver and a flat head screwdriver.

We provide three different options to cut the access holes into your bin. Please read Step #3 of the "How to Make a Glovebox Tutorial", as it will aid you in determining which option is best for you. The optional hole saw is for Option #3 and is our recommended method. The optional hot knife is for Option #2. While Option #1 does not require the hole saw or hot knife, it does require that you provide your own straight edge knife and butane/propane powered gas torch.

This kit will build a finished glovebox that looks similar to the photo below.

Instructions: How to build a glovebox

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