Glovebag Portable Still-Air Glovebox

Create a semi-sterile work environment practically anywhere!

This easy-to-use glovebag creates an enclosed still-air environment that takes the place of a bulky glovebox. Often used as an inoculation chamber for inoculating sterilized grain, this easy-to-use product can comfortably hold 12 pint sized containers. The glovebag is completely collapsible allowing the unit to be discreetly stored without hassle. The innovative bag-design also allows the unit to be easily transported for fieldwork.

Included in each unit is one fully assembled glovebag chamber, two replacement bags, two extra pairs of poly gloves, two glove rings, two elastic glove bands, and six secure bag fasteners. These are assembled and packaged in a sterile lab environment and ready to use out of the package.


  • Includes two replacement bags, two sets of replacement gloves, two glove rings, two elastic glove bands, and six secure bag fasteners
  • Bags are made of high quality clear, thick plastic
  • 16"x14"x36" interior
  • Design allows for optional inflation with sterile air or ozone
  • Replacement bags and gloves are readily available at reasonable price

Click here for replacement bags.
Click here for replacement gloves.

Recommended Procedure:
1) Place all items for the specific task inside the bag including a disinfectant propellant such as lysol.
2) Close bag opening with included bag fasteners.
3) Spray a disinfectant propellant and allow air to settle for 10-20 minutes. Alternatively, ozone or sterile air can be pumped into the bag.
4) Proceed to work using the included poly gloves inside the semi-sterile work environment.

Assembly Instructions:
1) Put the opening of the poly glove through the middle of the glove ring and wrap the cuff over the edge of the ring.
2) Push the ring and glove opening against the bag from the inside of the clear poly bag.
3) Use the elastic glove band to secure the glove ring to the bag from the outside. See the last picture at the bottom of this page.
4) Cut an opening into the plastic bag at the center of the glove ring that will allow your hands to slide into the gloves (a "+" shaped cut works best).

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