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Posted March 24

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Pre-Pasteurized Mushroom Compost

Ambar b.
My packaged arrived super quick but usps rough handled my package and made a tear in the substrate and box I provided them with picture and Ryan made everything right and sent out a fresh batch of substrate the very next day I definitely will be picking up from them from now on thank you for you time and service ????????...

Liquid Culture Premix

Justin L.
I have used liquid nutrient media for quite sometime now. I made my own for a while and still do for special occasions. This is the perfect way to expand and inoculate. Mixes very easy, be sure to lightly boil mix, I personally run it through a coffe filter ONCE. I do this so it's just a bit clearer. I also add nutritional yeast and peptone. This helps, but on it's own it will put perform kayro or honey water, hands down.A must for any mushroom growing operation, its magic for mushrooms!...

Malt Extract Agar

Christopher G.
I ordered a half a pound, and on accident i was sent liquid culture media. Nnot only did shroom supply make it right, but they let me keep the liquid culture media, and sent me two bottles of agar instead of 1. Thank you very much shroom supply, this mix has great clarity...

Liquid Culture Premix

Samantha R.
This stuff is like rocket fuel for Liquid Cultures!!!

Mushroom Cultivation Kits

Orpheus T.
Great service got my grow kit in 4 days. I even got A freebie using the discount code. I will be ordering again very soon. Thanks shrooms supply. Your the best...

Pre-Pasteurized Mushroom Compost

Brendon M.
This sub is spot on. Side to side comparison proves it. Fast colonization, perfect field capacity. Very contamination resistant. ...