Mushroom Grow Kit w/ Pre-Pasteurized Compost & MycoBags

These mushroom grow kits make it fun and easy to grow your own mushrooms at home. Everything you need to grow mushrooms (except spores) is included in each kit. These kits are designed for growing mushrooms directly inside of filter patch grow bags. Alternatively, you can use the contents of these kits to spawn to a monotub. Please see the grow kit instructions for more information. All mushroom grow kits come with:

  1. Sterilized grain spawn (organic rye berries) separated in to 1 lb. mycobags with injection ports
  2. Pre-pasteurized mushroom compost separated in to 5 lb. bags
  3. Brand new filter patch mycobags (large size; 5.0 micron filter)
  4. Mushroom bag clamps (8" length)
  5. Vinyl tubing for bag clamps
  6. Sterile alcohol swabs
  7. Powder-free vinyl exam gloves
These kits are to be used to grow you favorite compost-loving mushrooms. Not all types of mushrooms can be grown with these kits. Please do your research before ordering.

Mushroom Grow Kit Instructions

Instructions: Step by Step Mushroom Grow Kit Instructions

What size grow kit should I get? If you are inoculating from a spore syringe, please understand that most syringes you can buy online come with 10-12 cc of liquid spore solution in them. We recommend inoculating 1.5-2 cc per grain bag. Our SMALL kit comes with 2 grain bags and will use a PARTIAL syringe (3-4 ccs). Our MEDIUM kit comes with 6 grain bags and will use a FULL syringe (9-12 ccs). Our LARGE kit comes with 12 grain bags and will use TWO full syringes (18-24 ccs). Our EXTRA LARGE kit comes with 24 grain bags and will use FOUR full syringes (36-48 ccs).

Shroom Supply mushroom cultivation kits come in assorted sizes. Please review the table below to determine which size is most suitable to your needs.

SizeGrain Spawn (lbs.)Compost (lbs.)MycobagsBag ClampsClamp TubesAlcohol SwabsLatex GlovesPrice

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