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Posted March 24

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Mushroom Cultivation Kits


Orpheus T.
Great service got my grow kit in 4 days. I even got A freebie using the discount code. I will be ordering again very soon. Thanks shrooms supply. Your the best

Kristopher M.
I have been using shroom supply for a little more than a year and have never had anything less than excellent customer service and if there is a problem they will fix it great supplier...I will not be buying from anyone else

Jeffrey H.
I ordered this kit, and selected staggered shipping. Everything showed up promptly, and the staff was very helpful with my questions.
Buy with confidence!

Christopher O.
Bought the A kit about two weeks ago now after seeing great reviews about the company... can't be more happier with the process so far! Mycelium growth is incredibly fast in the rye bags so they must be doing something right. This kit is great/convenient for anyone who is new or simply don't have the time to buy all the ingredients/tools for mushroom cultivation. Also this kit really does eliminate many possibilities of errors for contamination, especially in the early processes of sterilization. Was a first time customer, but now a lifetime customer! Will be buying the B kit within the next few days!

Chris B.
Awesome product. Worked without any problems. I harvested 1/4Lb from 4 bags. Thanks!

Christopher S.
Just wanted to say this kit contains zoo manure and that is the best manure for growing plants as well as fungi. The grain is on point and the shipping. Is fast (3 days to southern NE). I never got a kit or grainbag that wasn't fresh and made properly. I have had the best succes with these kits. I will only be odering the B and B+ or larger from now on.