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Mushroom Cultivation Kits


Pretty Cool, had a lot of fun using this grow kit.

THIS KIT WORKS SO WELL I LOVE YOU GUYS THANK YOU! I ordered this because i didn't want to deal with a pressure cooker or all the other problems ! i looked up multiple grow guides and research all kinds of things. this right here is the best choice for YOUR NOOB MYCOLOGIST . I CANT WAIT TO KEEP EXPLORING and learning about the craft or science, or both. I LOVE YOU SHROOM SUPPLY THANKS SO MUCH .

If u don't want the expense of a pressure cooker then get this kit. Works like a dream. Great yeild

I just can't say enough good things about these grow kits. Before ordering the kit and looking over the instructions, I still had some questions. I emailed customer support and Ryan was extremely helpful answering all of my questions. He responded very quickly to my emails as well. Once I ordered the kit, it shipped the same day and arrived at my doorstep two days later. Everything was exactly as described. Two month later, I just got done with my first grow using the kit and all I can say is WOW! I am very impressed with the final product. This kit couldn't be easier to use and produced some very very nice fruits. I highly recommend this product and this company.

A friend of mind on a mushroom forum recommended this grow kit to me and said he got amazing results off of it. Unfortunately, I live in Canada and you apparently only ship this item to the US! I wish I could order this kit off you guys because from the pictures I saw, it works very well! 4 stars only because you don't ship this item across the border :(

Awesome grow kit for beginners. Shroom Supply customer service was excellent. They answered all of my questions quickly through email. The kit worked out better than I expected. Will be purchasing another one. Thank you!