Agar Culturing Kit - Basic

This basic agar kit includes everything you need to get started with agar culturing. This kit includes eight pre-poured malt extract agar petri dishes. The dishes have been poured in a professional cleanroom and are vacuum sealed to ensure freshness and viability. Guaranteed to be contaminant free!

Our basic agar culturing kit includes:

Dishes are best used fresh and should be refrigerated until use. If refrigerating, make sure the dishes return to room temperature before using. Product does not contain any culture or tissue samples.

Kit Components
2 XPre-Poured MEA Agar Plates - Set of FourPre-Poured MEA Agar Plates - Set of Four

Set of four sterile, pre-poured malt extract agar petri dishes. These 100 x 15mm agar plates have been poured in a professional cleanroom and are vacuum sealed in packages of four to preserve their freshness and viability. Use in a sterile...
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1 XAlcohol Burner LampAlcohol Burner Lamp

Glass alcohol burner lamp for doing sterile lab work. Often used to flame sterilize needles and scalpels. 125 ml capacity. 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 2-1/2" glass bowl with a wick assembly that brings the whole to a height of 4-1/2". For use with denatured alcohol only.

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1 XSurgical Steel Scalpel with BladesSurgical Steel Scalpel with Blades

Surgical steel scalpel with five individually wrapped sterile blades. This is the preferred type of scalpel/blade combo for agar work due to the handle's thin design and long blades. Perfect for reaching down into culture tubes and sectoring cultures from agar dishes. ... more info
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