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Pre-Pasteurized Mushroom Compost


Sean L.
Professional product from a professional company! Thank you!

Ash R.
What can be said that has Not Already been professed about this company and there attention to EVERY DETAIL.
This compost has NEVER let me down.. ALWAYS arrives Completely STERILE and the automatic and accelerated growth is seen taking hold in under 24hrs of combining with spawn. Not to mention it has dramatically increased BOTH mushroom size and harvests. Has all the nutrition your mycellium projects require from first flush to the last.
Very professional personnel with amazing tech support and Very Quick Responses should anything arise.
The ONLY company I will EVER purchase from.
Mush Love and THANKS for everything Fam

anthony g.
Shrooms Supply you guys are a life saver. Saved me a lot of time and hassle. Tyvm!

andrew D.
Hands down my most favorite product on this site, perfect moisture content and I love how it's so nutrient rich and ready to go straight out of the package. For peace of mind and astounding colonization you cannot beat the price! MushLove for the shroom supply! Ten stars out of five!

Look-- Im a hard critic of online businesses.
But i cannot find one reason to minus a star from these folks. I started with the A+ kit just to get a feel of what they supply. I also had a few questions along the way that were promptly answered by customer service. The result so far has been 3 AWESOME flushes from the same original substrate. Im more than pleased. And have already highly recommended shroom supply kits to my friends. I realize that there are many different teks out there. But if youre looking for convenience and discreetness of set-up, shroomsupply kit bags are the way to go.
At any rate- could go on and on. Place an order for yourself and relax :-)

Excellent substrate that provided huge yields and massive fruit.