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Pre-Pasteurized Casing Mix


Ash R.
What can be said that has Not Already been professed about this company and there attention to EVERY DETAIL.
This compost has NEVER let me down.. ALWAYS arrives Completely STERILE and the automatic and accelerated growth is seen taking hold in under 24hrs of combining with spawn. Not to mention it has dramatically increased BOTH mushroom size and harvests. Has all the nutrition your mycellium projects require from first flush to the last.
Very professional personnel with amazing tech support and Very Quick Responses should anything arise.
The ONLY company I will EVER purchase from.
Mush Love and THANKS for everything Fam

Stephen N.
A hands on company with serious customer service. It's been a pleasure doing business with shroomsupply. About to get my first crop and everything has been spot on. I am truly impressed.

andrew D.
Fastest shipping on the market that I've ever come across, and the casing mix has exceeded my expectations. No one can top this product in any way in my opinion! MushLove for the shroom supply. Entirely worth the modest price!

The only way shipping could get faster is if you were psychic! Everything is blended and hydrated perfectly. You almost make it too easy. And I appreciate the fair prices, low shipping rates and the fact that you don't over package. Also, you answer all my questions.

Thank you for being such a fine and professional business. I recommend you to anyone interested in taking up this hobby. Everything and I mean Everything that this company sells is of the best Quality. Looking forward to my to my next experiment. I would buy from no other vendor. When your the best, why would anyone want second best.Good prices, fast shipping and great customer service.


Mushroom John
Good, professional product. Tested the pH and it came in right at 7.5. Also tested the water content and it came in right at 72%. PERFECT!