CO₂ Controller w/ S01 Sensor

This CO₂ controller by Inkbird maintains the CO₂ level of your mushroom grow tent within a user-specified range. It has two separate "WORK" functions. "WORK 1" is for CO₂ generation and it not useful for mushroom-related applications. This function is useful for plant cultivation, but not for mushroom cultivation. "WORK 2" is for CO₂ elimination and is the function mushroom growers will utilize to expel CO2 from their grow tent via an exhaust fan. This CO2 controller can turn on your mushroom grow tent's exhaust fan when CO₂ levels inside the tent exceed a specified limit.

  • Plug and play, simple operation
  • Dual relays, are able to connect with a carbon dioxide generator and an exhaust fan simultaneously
  • Dual readouts, displays the current measured CO₂ concentration and the set CO₂ concentration simultaneously
  • CO2 calibration
  • Programmable high/low carbon dioxide concentration alarm
  • S01 CO₂ sensor is most compatible with ventilation systems, building control, and HVAC equipment

  • Input Power: 100~240Vac 50/60Hz 10A MAX
  • Output Power: 100~240Vac 50/60Hz 10A MAX (two sockets)
  • Disconnection Method: Type 1B
  • Pollution Degree: 2
  • Rated Impulse Voltage: 1500V
  • Automatic Operation: 6000 cycles
  • Working Environment: room temperature
  • Storage Temperature: 0°~60°/32°~140°
  • Storage Humidity: 20~80%RH (No freezing or condensation)


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