Duct Humidistat

This duct humidistat is a great solution to controlling the rH in your grow room. This humidistat features a 15–95% range with a 3–5% humidity differential. Simply set the humidistat to the desired humidity then this unit will take care of the rest by activating your humidifiers to maintain the selected moisture level. For best results, this unit should be mounted with the sensor unit in your air system's recirculation duct. This device performs most accurately at humidity levels over 70%.

Rated at 7.2 amps. Ready to wire. Works with either 120 or 240V current. If this unit is going to be used to operate devices with a startup amperage exceeding 43.2 amps, it needs to be used in conjunction with our Humidistat Relay.

For use in grow rooms and similar environments that require humidification. Not suitable in environments where temperature exceeds 100 °F.


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