Antimicrobial BioCubes for Humidifiers

Our antimicrobial BioCubes inhibit biologic growth inside of a humidifier's water reservoir. They can be used with our cool mist humidifiers, disc foggers, and Hydrofoggers. Each cube is approximately 1"x1"x1" and contains dissimilar metals which are safe and non-toxic. These dissimilar metals create a redox effect that inhibits biological activity. This helps control biological slime, odor-causing bacteria and mold. Proper use reduces humidifier maintenance frequency and cost, ultimately extending the humidifier's lifespan. The cubes are weighted to prevent migration within the humidifier's water reservoir. To use, simply space the cubes evenly around the inside perimeter of your water reservoir.

If using with our Hydrofogger humdifier, do not place cubes under the float; instead leave a few inches on either side on the float so the float's movement is not impeded.


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