Gravity Feed Water Connection Kit for Hydrofogger

This kit comes complete with everything you need to attach a Hydrofogger humidfier to an overhead water reservoir. This kit is to be used in areas where access to a water pipe is either not possible or a permanent water connection is not desired. Instead, the Hydrofogger will be supplied water by an overhead water tank or reservoir, such as a 55 gallon drum. This kit includes a bulkhead fitting with two washers, a shut-off valve, and 25 feet of polyethylene tubing.

To use, simply drill through the wall of your water reservoir and attach the bulkhead to it using the two provided washers. Then, attach the 1/4" tubing to the reservoir, splice in the Shut-Off Valve, and attach the other end of the tubing to your Hydrofogger. Fill the reservoir with water and elevate above the Hydrofogger. Gravity will handle the rest!

Kit Components
1 XShut-off Valve for HydrofoggerShut-off Valve for Hydrofogger

Shut-off valve for our Hydrofogger humidifier.
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1 X1/4" Polyethylene tubing (25 ft.) for Hydrofogger Humidifiers1/4" Polyethylene tubing (25 ft.) for Hydrofogger Humidifiers

1/4" polyethylene tubing cut to 25 feet in length for use with our Hydrogfogger humidifiers. If you need a longer section of tubing, please contact us for a custom quote.
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1 XBulkhead Fitting for HydrofoggerBulkhead Fitting for Hydrofogger

Bulkhead fitting for attaching a Hydrofogger humidifer to a gravity feed water reservoir. Two rubber washers are included.
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