Smart Temperature/Humidity Data Logger - Bluetooth Enabled

A humidity and temperature data logger with external sensor probe. This unit can monitor the humidity & temperature both through the app (Android or iOS) and the large LCD display screen. This device can be used to monitor and log the temperature and humidity inside of a fruiting chamber or grow room. It can also be used to monitor temperature while pasteurizing or sterilizing grains and/or substrates.


  • Free iOS and Android APP to monitor temperature and humidity any time
  • App supports multiple languages
  • Monitor the humidity and the temperature by APP and the Display Screen
  • A smart phone support limited to 6 sensor connections at one time
  • Support for application scenario selection and addition
  • Magnetic Back
  • Alarm and data history view available
  • Temperature unit switching (°C /°F)
  • Historical data export to CSV file
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Instruction manual included


  • Dimensions: 63.5mm x 20mm
  • Weight: 75g
  • Battery: 2 AAA Batteries (not included)
  • Wireless Range: 50 meters
  • Temperature Range: -40~60°C (Inner sensor) / -40~100°C (External probe)
  • Temperature Accuracy: Typical: 0.3°C / ±0.5°F, Max: ±0.5°C / ±0.9°F (Inner sensor) ±1°C (External probe)
  • Humidity Range: 0~99%RH
  • Humidity Accuracy (25°C/ 77°F, 20%~80%RH): Typical: ±3%RH, Max: ±4.5%RH
  • Humidity Accuracy (25°C/ 77°F, 0%~100%RH): Typical: ±4.5%RH, Max: ±7.5%RH
  • Record capacity: 30,000 points (MAX)
  • Record interval: 10s, 30s, 1min, 2min, 5min, 10min, 30min adjustable


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