Sterilization Indicator Monitor (121°C; 250°F)

Sterilization indicator monitor. These sterilization monitors effectively indicate if sterilization temperatures were reached in a simple, yet extremely reliable manner. Unlike sterilizer gauges and paper indicators, absolutely no guesswork or interpretation is necessary. Simply place these monitors into the autoclave along with the items to be sterilized. When the correct temperature is reached (121°C; 250°F), the temperature sensitive pellet melts indicating that the positive sterilization temperature was reached.

If the pellet melts and changes shape during the cycle, you can be certain that the load reached sterilization temperature at that location. If the pellet remained intact, the load did not obtain sterilizing temperature and may not be sterile. This may indicate the presence of a cool spot, a sterilizer malfunction or human error.

Each glass ampule is hermetically sealed to ensure product stability during storage and use. Because of this stability, these ampules may be suspended directly in liquid media and buffer containers to verify that the core temperature of each bottle reached sterilization temperature. With its stability, the melted pellet also provides a permanent record of sterilization.

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