Morels Foray: Expansion Pack for Morels Card Game

  • This Morels expansion (requires Morels in order to be played) adds items, characters, and weather to create a more dynamic foraging experience.
  • It also makes Morels playable by 3-4 players, with unique systems for each.
  • Brings even more fun to the original Morels strategic card game!
  • Play time: 30-45 min
Last fall, crackling fires wreathed the mountains. This spring, light-wielding thunderstorms roiled the valleys. Now, with summer come early and a glowing moon overhead, the soil is moist and black and delicious mushrooms are peeking up all over the forest. The Foray is on! Morels Foray expands Morels (2014 Card Game of the Year) with new items, characters, weather, a more dynamic forest, and unique systems enabling 2-4 players. FREE SHIPPING.

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