1/4 HP, 3 Blade Humidifan w/ Flowmeter Panel

Our 1/4 HP, 3-Blade Humidifan provides both micron-sized fog and ventilation in a single, all-in-one unit. Our 1/4 HP mushroom fog fan is capable of projecting up to 15 gallons of water per hour and over 2,000 cubic feet per minute, with a propulsion distance of up to 30 feet. This centrifugal atomizer has a rear-feed blade system that produces billions of tiny, fog-like particles that evaporate quickly. A hydrophilic front guard helps keep floors dry. The fogging output is adjustable via the included flowmeter panel (0-15 GPH). Units can also be fed using a metering pump or gravity feed system.

These are high quality, industrial units, making them perfect for the commercial mushroom cultivator. Because this humidifan does not use nozzles to create water droplets, it is extremely resistant to clogging, even when used with water containing high levels minerals. This fan is designed to be ceiling-mounted at one end of your room, directly below your air ducting for effective dispersal down the length of the growroom. Components are UV stabilized and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our 1/4 HP, 3-Blade Humidifan comes equipped with a 15’ power cord with plug, 30’ of water line, a garden hose connector, 16’ of drainage line and a flowmeter panel (0-15 GPH). Units hang by either a single U-bolt or a universal mounting bolt.

  • Up to 15 GPH
  • Energy-Efficient
  • Pivot Fogging Head
  • Arrives Fully Assembled

  • Attention: These units are high-capacity, industrial humidifiers. By their nature, they are not quiet. Please consult the noise specifications listed on the specifications diagram.

    Specifications: Motor: 1/4 HP | Energy Consumption: 3.4 amps @ 115V | Max. Fog Output: 15 GPH | CFM Rating: 2000 CFM | Propulsion Distance: 30 feet | Noise @ 10 Foot Distance: 70 dB(A)


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