Mushroom Humidifan

This is our smallest, simplest mushroom fog fan. It is also our quietest unit, operating at only 63 dB(a) from a 10 foot distance. Suitable for growing environments up to 500 square feet in size, it is perfect for the small-scale mushroom grower. This unit is easy to install, dependable, and low in cost, so it is ideal for humidification in smaller settings.

This centrifugal atomizer has a rear-feed blade system that quietly produces billions of tiny, fog-like particles that evaporate quickly. This no-clog, nozzle-free system atomizes water to particles averaging 40 microns in size. The unit hangs by either a single U-bolt or a universal mounting bolt. The housing pivots easily by hand.

Each unit comes with a 14’ power cord with plug, 20’ of water line, 12’ of drain line, and a visual flowmeter control panel. Components are UV stabilized for greenhouse or outdoor use. All control packages include a water solenoid to control both power and water supplies.

  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy Pivot Fogging Head
  • Nozzle-Free Atomization
  • Up to 5 GPH
  • Stainless Steel Components
  • Garden Hose Connect

  • Specifications: Energy Consumption: 1.5 amps @ 115V | Max. Fog Output: 5 GPH | CFM Rating: 980 CFM | Noise @ 10 Foot Distance: 63 dB(A)


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