Peel & Stick™ Adhesive Rubber Injection Ports - Sheet of 32

Sheet of 32 Peel & Stick™ adhesive, rubber self-healing injection ports. These rubber self-healing injection ports are our preferred choice for adhering to our mushroom grow bags.

Developed specifically for mushroom cultivation, these ports create a safe inoculation site that can be injected through with a spore syringe. Once the spore syringe/needle is removed from the port, the rubber "self-heals" which minimizes the possibility of contamination occurring during the inoculation phase. Our Peel and Stick™ adhesive injection ports are most commonly used in combination with our mushroom grow bags but they can also be used atop jar lids or any other vessel in need of a temporary inoculation site. These adhesive Peel & Stick™ ports are a less expensive alternative to our mushroom grow bags with injection ports, which feature a foam injection port built into the plastic of the bag. At a fraction of the cost, our Peel & Stick™ ports perform the same function and are just as effective.

Simply peel the injection port off the sheet, stick it onto the bag, then cover with a piece of Duck® brand clear packing tape. (We recommend using this specific tape because it is autoclave-safe and provides extra adhesion necessary throughout the sterilization process.) Next, fill the bags with your grain or substrate then sterilize them in a pressure cooker or autoclave. After sterilizing, allow the bags to cool completely before injecting through the port with your spore syringe. (The packing tape is not supposed to be removed from the port, simply inject right through it.) It's that easy!


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