Duck® Packing Tape for 'Peel & Stick' Injection Ports

Duck EZ Start® Packaging Tape with Dispenser. Clear, 1.88 in. x 12 yd. This tape is used to tape over our Peel & Stick™ adhesive injection ports after they are adhered to our mushroom grow bags. We recommend this specific type of tape because it is autoclave-safe and provides the extra adhesion needed throughout the sterilization process. An approximate 2 in. length piece of tape is needed for each Peel & Stick™ port. This roll provides enough tape for approximately 425+ of our Peel & Stick™ injection ports.

Peel & Stick™ injection ports are a less expensive alternative to our mushroom grow bags with injection ports, which feature a foam injection port built into the plastic of the bag. At a fraction of the cost, our Peel & Stick™ ports perform the same function and are just as effective.

This is a required product for use with our Peel & Stick™ adhesive injection ports.


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