Injectable Spawn Jar Lid - Widemouth - 86 mm

  • Model: 135
Date Added: 02/18/2017

5 stars

These lids are outstanding. I only bought 2 and both my jars innoculated perfectly with extremely healthy growth. The red silicone indeed seems to be pressure-cooker safe, it heals well, and the filter is attached by dried liquid red silicone as well. A little hard to position the needle once inserted but I simply rolled my jars a little after injecting rather than worrying about injecting against the side of the jars, and it's doing fine. My jars personally took a week to show any signs, but I think this is because the filter is very thick, which is fine with me because it has kept my jars crystal clean with zero contaminants. Now they're half colonized at 2 weeks. Slowly but perfectly. I can't say enough about these lids and I'm DEF buying more. I'm not fooling with anything else when my first two jars I've ever spawned have done this good!
by Radagast
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