Sterile Needles

Needles of assorted sizes. All of our needles are sterile and individually packaged. These needles will fit on any standard luer lock syringe. All needles are sold individually with wholesale pricing available on large quantity purchases. Needle gauge sizes that we currently offer are 14 gauge, 16 gauge, and 18 gauge. The 16 gauge needles are the most popular and are recommended if you are making mycelium culture syringes, while the smaller 18 gauge needles are recommended if you are making mushroom spore syringes. We also offer super wide-bore 14 gauge needles which are useful for working with thickly colonized liquid culture solutions. Finally, we sell a 3 inch long needle that is useful for working with large jars of liquid culture, available in both 14 gauge and 16 gauge.

Note: The smaller the gauge number, the wider the needle.

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