Plants from Test Tubes: - An Introduction to Micropropagation

This book describes in depth the media formulations, cloning techniques and methods for expanding a single plant into thousands. Over 35 species of plants are detailed. This expanded edition introduces new developments in biotechnology, such as genetic engineering and cell culture. It explains clearly how to set up a propagating laboratory, from a hobbyist's kitchen to an elaborate commercial enterprise.

The new fourth edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the many advances in science and technology, including the five accepted sequential stages of micropropagation. Ten new plants have been added. This in turn has greatly expanded the already extensive bibliography. Among the new topics that have been introduced or expanded on are embryo culture for breeding, somaclonal variation, anther culture, somatic embryogenesis, cryopreservation, and genetic engineering. More ornamental plant examples are given and many new illustrations provided, including a chronology of discoveries in micropropagation.

By Lydiane Kyte. 274 pages. Hardcover.


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