Extra Large Mushroom Grow Bag
w/ Injection Port
[5.0 µm Micron Filter]
Unicorn Bag Type XLS‑B‑Inj

This 'extra large' sized, type XLS‑B‑Inj, injectable mushroom filter patch bag measures 10" x 6" x 24". Our official Unicorn Bags feature gusseted sides and a 5.0 micron (type B) filter that measures 2.0-inch x 3.0-inch. Specifically designed for inoculation with a spore syringe, this grow bag features a foam self-healing injection port built into the plastic of the bag. The 5.0 µm filter is composed of laminates of non-woven polypropylene with PTFE. The bag is composed of 3.0 mil thick polypropylene plastic.

This 'extra large' sized bag can comfortably hold twelve (12) quarts worth of material (in volume), while still leaving enough room to perform any standard procedure on the bag without the contents (grain/substrate) compromising/encroaching on the filter patch. The 5.0 µm filter offers the highest amount of gas exchange of any of our filters which makes this bag ideal for fruiting mushrooms inside of. These bags make great fruiting chambers for many species of mushrooms. Additionally, these bags can be used for substrate production. The 5.0 µm filter is not recommended for grain spawn production, as the larger 5.0 µm pore size of the filter is not as effective filtering contaminants when compared to the 0.2 or 0.5 µm filters that we offer.

The filter is located at the top of the bag, which allows for more grain or substrate to be loaded into the bag when compared to other bags on the market. The microporous filter patch allows for filtered gaseous air exchange while keeping contaminants out. The built-in foam self-healing injection port is located towards the bottom of the bag which is the ideal location for inoculating with a spore or culture syringe. You will need to seal these bags with an impulse sealer or mushroom bag clamp.

These bags are not intended to be sealed before sterilization, however they can be successfully "pre-sealed" before sterilizing if all excess air is removed from the bag, excess bag material is neatly folded around the bag, and the bags are allowed to cool slowly and completely before removing them from the sterilizer. If the pressure cooker/sterilizer being used lacks an internal liner, caution should be taken to avoid contact with the internal walls of the unit, as the higher temperature retained by the walls can melt the bags.


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