Mushroom Grow Kit w/ Pre-Pasteurized Compost & MycoBags

  • Model: 86
Date Added: 08/29/2015

5 stars

Ordered a little over 250$ worth of products my first time going into this hobby and really even though it's taken some trial and error I can always count on this vendor to have quality products ...the main thing I would of done different is stagger my shipping because I'm gonna have to either order more casing or make my own since I started my work around a week after receiving my order I didn't realize that the casing had to be frozen so I lost my casings do to that but that's besides the point either way the reason in giving them a 5 start review is because I ordered 6 and 4 were overly moisturized grain at least I thought that because my other two came out just fine ...anyways I quickly messages them they replaced the 4 mycobags with bags that I swear we're near perfect moisture rate amazing!!!!!! Like the other two bags that were already colonizing .. Anyways I'm happy to say all 6 are sitting might pretty and I just took two of them and transferred to the substrate and everything seems to be working amazing!!!! The only thing in worried about is since my casing is gonna easily gonna be bad by the time the mycelium takes over and I'm afraid to ruin great Myc with bad casing mix or should I just fruit it from substrate??
by Andrew L
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